Asset Managers

Select us for our local and international market access, specialist market execution across all territories and give-up to prime brokers. We are experts in precious metal and foreign exchange trading and offer a full scope of portfolio management services across all asset classes.

With the rapidly changing investment environment SAS Capital can provide Asset Managers a variety of options to build their business on established functionality.

Access to LISP platforms

SA Stockbrokers is an approved broker on the following LISP platforms


With the necessary contract the asset manager can manage segregated portfolios
in the following categories:

  • Retirement Annuity Fund
  • Preservation Pension Fund
  • Preservation Provident Funds

The advantage is that we can provide training at reduced rates and provide the required files to the LISP provider for evaluation. This functionality can also be connected to systems like Iress and Nutcracker.

Execution only services for South African registered Funds – Local and Offshore

SA Stockbrokers can provide execution services on the SA equity market as well as Offshore markets and specialist execution services for non-controlled clients.

Asset Managers trades at preferential rates and we assist with the uploading of T-Loaders creating bespoke solutions for reporting and interfacing with Fund Administrators.

We can trade on many Offshore markets with settlement at the relevant Custodian and Prime Brokers.

Offshore registered Funds

  • Interactive Brokers provides custodians and execution services for offshore registered funds.
  • Prime Broking services available
  • No Custodian fees
  • Low brokerage and forex conversion charges
  • Access to 120 markets
  • White branding available

Foreign Exchange

The Group, through its associate company, has been appointed as a foreign exchange intermediary by the South African Reserve Bank. This enables us to assist in the exchange of forex for the following type of transactions at preferential rates:

  • Individuals using their travel allowance of R1m or their offshore investment allowance of R10m
  • Companies involved in the import and export of goods that receives or make payments in foreign currency.
    We can also provide Forward Cover with up to 1 year duration at a margin of 10%
  • Individuals working abroad and who wants to repatriate their funds.
  • Funds use SA Derivatives for off-shore settlement of investments
    We can also provide Forward Cover with up to 1 year duration at a margin of 10%
  • Provide clear information indicating that we can dramatically undercut the banks in trading costs.
  • Travel Card that can be funded directly from low cost trade done by us.
    It’s like a cash transport, but there are no transaction fees.